Tanay, Rizal – Paseo Rizal – Pinoy Resto with a view!

We decided to spend Father’s day driving around the mountain passes of Tanay, Rizal, a road we’ve often been travelling lately. Mom and Dad however haven’t gone to the farther areas since hmm… a long time so I proudly became their tour guide, showing them the wonderful views along the way. We stopped over Sierra Madre Mountain Resort but they had run out of main course meals so they just referred us to Paseo Rizal Restaurant. “Paseo Rizal?” I asked silently, I’ve passed through this place a few months back and only knew of hotel restaurants. Anyway, it was around 5 mins away and, viola, a Pinoy Restaurant! WOOT!

Any place that shouts Philippine Culture, especially restaurants, are irresistible baits for me. Decorations, the name, the architecture and the aura of a place, ohh, I’ll bite it even if the hook sticks out of the worm!

Amazingly, we were greeted by the owner of the place, himself. Initially, Dad and Mom were, I was too busy looking around all the details, taking shots, smelling the wood, touching the sculptures, tasting the cement – ok, not really but it looked so yummy, they had leaf designs embedded!… Then I followed. I saw his pride with his place. It’s nice. If I owned that restaurant, I would’ve bragged it to the world. Hehe. A very cool man, successful and passionate! It’s fun at the same time motivating to hear insights of such a man.

We opted to stay outside to take advantage of the open space, fresh air, and amazing view. After we got our order I went around to explore the place. There’s still a lot under construction, but the place looks wonderful already. Their main hall hosts the restaurant where most of the displays collected from around the Philippines; it felt like a museum. (they have another branch down in Morong and it’s really an art museum!) The place is like a garden landscaped with the contours of the mountain side it sits on… it reminded me of Balai Anilao in Batangas, with a modern twist.

Dad, the man of the day, sitting like a boss, reading the paper while waiting for the order to come.
Mom posing in the native hut

When the order came it was just in time. I had taken a while going around the restaurant garden and had listened to the owner for a few more and was starving! Starving! We ordered bulalo, tapa and simple chopsuey. The bulalo was what I liked the best, it was suited for the cold weather. The tapa and chopsuey were tasted like the usual. :)

I learned it had just opened two weeks ago so there were still on going constructions and were in the process of hiring staff. I’ll definitely go back there, most probably with babe, some weeks from now, hopefully everything is completed and drop by their Morong branch. Plus, I haven’t done a handstand yet. Gah. >.<

For those car enthusiasts, nature trippers and bikers who often pass by this route, make sure to stop by this place. You can’t and shouldn’t miss it! :) Check their page out at:

http://www.facebook.com/paseorizal or http://paseorizal.multiply.com/

3 thoughts on “Tanay, Rizal – Paseo Rizal – Pinoy Resto with a view!”

  1. A very relaxing experience sa lugar na ito. Napaka super welcome pa at humble ng owner na si Sir Eusebio. Thank you sir sa pag tour sa amin sa inyong napaka cool na paraiso.

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